An Artist's A'faire

The Shire of Gates Edge Announces an event date of October 8th

Gate Edge

Gates Edge Has A Secret Love!

Our Artisian's have a Love that they want to share....

At the American Legion 708 E Parker Rd, Houston TX 77076

Site opens at 9:00am till 8:00pm

Site Registration:

Adult Registration $15

Adult Member Discount Registration $10

Child (12-18) Registration $5

Youth (<12) Free

Feast Registration $5 (only 50 available)

A&S Competition

Brewing Competition

Bardic Competition

Rapier & Chivalric fighting


Many Classes to choose from

Dessert Competition:

Unto the noble kingdom of Ansteorra do I, Gisele de Bier send greetings

and great, good wishes for a bountiful harvest, and a mild winter.

I wish to issue a challenge to all the artisan bakers and confectionery

creationist's in this great kingdom to bring your best and most tasty delights

to the Artist's A'faire on October 8th in the Shire of Gates Edge.

There will be two categories in which to compete, best period dessert, and best presentation.

The populace will enjoy the bountiful array of desserts offered at the end of feast.

Feast Menu:

1st remove - Bread (white and zucchini); Honey cinnamon butter; Herbed cream cheese

2nd remove - Italian tortellini soup

3rd remove - Cornish game hens with green beans and rice

4th remove - Garlic roasted pork with fettuccine and honey glazed carrots

Side board lunch of fun Faire food

Lunch will be first come first serve

Remember your Feast Gear!

Contact the Feastocrat here for feast reservations:Charity Tynes O'Connell.

Heavy Fighter Information

Swiss 5

Sword & Shield

Single weapon not a great weapon



Great Weapon

There will be some loaner weapons, but prepare as well as you can for the Swiss five

Light Fighter Information

Coming soon!

Class Information

You can view the Preliminary class schedule here:Coming Soon

If you would like to teach a class please contact our Class Coordinator: Lord Rolf.

September 30th is the cut-off date to get with the coordinator if you wish to teach

Bardic Competition

The bardic competition will be three pieces in two or more styles with bonus points for following a theme of 'Faire or Fowl'.

Documentation encouraged but not required. We will also have a prize basket for best bardic novice (never won a bardic competition).

Minimum of two pieces, prefer different styles. A novice with three pieces is eligible to win the champion title.

We are also considering a youth bardic competition...

Brewing Competetion

Bring out your best from one of these three categories: Homemade Beer/Ale, Wine/Mead/Cider, Liqueur/Cordial.

Contact the Brew-Taster:Lord Rolf Gruenwald

More information will be added to this page as it is made available, so check back often

Updated on (09/28/2016)

If you would like to contact the AutoCrat or the Seneschal

Corbus de Huntyngfeld.
Lord Rolf Gruenwald.