Drachenstich Festspiele

October 13 - 15

In the Black Forest of Gate's Edge there live many fierce dragons that plague the surrounding populace. We invite all worthy warriors of the sword, bow, horse and word to journey to our fair land to slay these dragons and free the people. After the deliverance of the town and successful harvest we will celebrate with parades, competitions of strength, skill, and beauty, and bountiful feasting.

The annual traditional Drachenstich Festival held in Fürth im Wald, Bavaria is over 500 years old. The festival includes a theatrical performance which includes a Slaying of a Dragon. The play performed is "Fürther Drachenstich," Germany's oldest and most popular play. Thousands of participants, hundreds of horses and dozens of musical groups reenact processions, battles and other historical events in this grand play, symbolizing the battle between good and evil.

Event Schedule

Champions will be chosen for the following endeavors:

Archery Armored Combat Rapier Combat
Arts & Sciences Bardic Arts Thrown Weapons
Equestrian Arts Youth Boffer
The Drachentöter will also be chosen. The Drachentöter (overall champion) will be chosen from those participants who enter at least 4 of the individual competitions.

Childrens Activities

Our Feast Steward, Lord Carluccio di Baia, plans a sumptuous feast.
The planned feast incudes:

  • Gurkensalat - Cucumber Salad
  • Badische Lauchsuppe - Baden Leek Soup
  • Blindes Huhn - Carrots and Green Beans with Bacon and Apples
  • Schmorkraut - Braised Fresh Cabbage
  • Bratwurst - Sausage freshly made right here in Gate's Edge
  • Mandel Scharf und Pflaume Scharf - Almond and Plum Tarts

The feast fee is $7 for adults, $4 for children. For special food requirements, please contact the Feast Steward. Feast is limited so reservations are encouraged. See contact below for Feast Reservations.

The site usage fee is $8 for adults, $4 ages 6-12, children 5 and under free. Site family maximum fee is $24. Feast fee: $7 adults, $4 ages 6-12, children 5 and under free. Make Checks payable to SCA Inc./Shire of Gate's Edge. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Minors may also attend with a 21 year or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from the parents.

You can pay for this event In Advance with your Credit Card via ACCEPS ACCEPS

The site is Camp Camwood located at the corner of Magnolia/Nichols Sawmill Rd. and Clear Creek Rd. in the Magnolia/ Hockley area. Beer and wine allowed in period containers only. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Service animals only.

Site opens 6pm Friday and closes 1PM Sunday.

The site has wonderful campsites and several evening activities are planned for Friday and Saturday nights.

Click on the Compass to get driving Directions.


Event Steward:                         
Lady Alesone Leslie
mka Lori Wyvill
no calls after 10:00 pm
Feast Steward:
Lord Carluccio di Baia
mka Chad Sweeten
no calls after 10:00 pm

Lady Cristyana Lambrecht
mka Christy Lambright
no calls after 10:00 pm
Feast Reservations:
Sarra Asshton of York
mka Sara Mast
no calls after 10:00 pm