Gates Edge Archery Practice

Archery Practices are usually held monthly at Carter Park in Spring, Texas.

Park Information click here

Carter Park features a 12-lane archery shooting range that includes target distances from 10 yards to 70

meter distances. The shooting area is enclosed by a fence and includes a 40-foot by 100-foot pavilion

that covers the shooting line, as well as several picnic tables and benches.

Practices start at 9 AM and go to 11 AM or until we get tired of shooting and are followed by a visit to

the Potato Patch for lunch. Current 2017 upcoming practices are scheduled for the following dates but

are subject to change so check online or contact the Archery Marshal to confirm. As always the dates

are subject to change as the kingdom calendar or the marshal’s availability changes. As expected all

practices are weather permitting.

January 21

February 25

March - Go to Gulf War

April 1

May 13

June 3

July 15

August 12

September 9

October 28

November - Go to BAM

December 9

For more information and directions see the Shire web page at Shire of Gates Edge