Local Guilds

There are a number of local interest groups within our Shire that meet as needed to explore their interests and share with others.

Herbalist Guild
Check the Local Calendar for dates and times. For more information contact Mistress Annes Clotilde vonBamburg.
Archers, Fletchers, Bowyers, and Stringers Guild
Meets by appointment and at archery practices. Come to archery practice , contact archery marshals for appointments, and check the Local Calendar.
Brewers Guild
Not meeting at this time.
Armorers Guild
Meets by appointment. For more information contact Knight Marshal.
Bardic Guild On hold for now. For more information contact Lady Gisele de Bier
Fiber Arts Guild
Not meeting at this time.

Thrown Weapons Guild We have been throwing when the Herbalist guild meets. More info soon!

Check the Local Calendar for other happenings.